Dillon H. Fries & Associates

Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants

Specializing in Real Estate Appraisals for Relocations, Divorces, Estates, Tax Appeals, Mortgages, PMI removal and Listing or Purchasing Needs in the Metro Atlanta Area since 1974

Consulting Services

Appraisals or general consultation are often provided to individuals that feel that they are in need of a trained, local perspective.  Transferees are often in town for a relatively short home shopping excursion and may experience inexperienced agents, unusual market conditions, or limited supply situations with wide price variations and feel uncomfortable making an offer.  The expertise of the appraiser can assist by providing an estimate of value or value range, discuss market conditions, individual preferences, marketability issues, value trends, and general neighborhood strengths and weaknesses that are above an beyond the agent's ability.  We also have appraisers that are licensed agents and can serve as a "Buyer's Agent".  This is an area that we expect to have an increased involvement. 

Key Benefits