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Divorce Appraisals

An appraisal that is prepared for divorce proceedings should be highly accurate, well supported and defensible under scrutiny and cross examination.  In some cases the property will be kept by one of the spouses, however the property is often placed on the market.  An appraisal that accurately portrays the home's condition, decor, repairs that are necessary for effective marketing, as well as present supply and demand conditions is critical.  An appraisal that lacks such completeness can often be easily discredited by the opposition with the assistance of his appraiser.

Due to the nature of the assignment, we generally prefer to place such appraisals on the GP, general purpose form, or the ERC or relocation form as it addresses the issues that are pertinent in arriving at an accurate estimate of value.  We also will review the appraisal that is prepared on behalf of the other party to determine it's reasonableness and will point out to the council it's strengths and weaknesses.

Dillon H. Fries works on an ongoing basis with attorneys that are considered to be the best in this field.

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