While appraisals are prepared for many purposes, the report is generally placed on one of several forms that are utilized throughout the industry. Many appraisal companies will utilize the URAR (Uniform Residential Appraisal Report) form for most purposes. While this form may be suitable for mortgage loans, PMI removal or other such purposes where a limited analysis is all that is needed, it is not the best form for situations where a higher degree of accuracy is a necessity such as for relocations, divorces, or listing a home. While addendum’s can be added, it generally takes more time to convey this additional necessary information than it would take to place it on a form that is better designed for the intended purpose. Below I have provided a description of some of the services that we offer.

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Relocation Appraisals
These are prepared for both outgoing and incoming transferees, or anyone that is interested in having an accurate estimation of the anticipated sale price of a home that is to be purchased or listed and sold. The ERC form is utilized.
Mortgage Loan Appraisals
These are generally prepared for mortgage companies or lenders that wish to ascertain the value of the collateral that is used to secure a loan. The URAR form is most often utilized.
Foreclosure Appraisals
The reports are most often requested by lending institutions that have acquired properties through default on a mortgage. The clients needs are generally more than perceived and the level of service should be closer to that of a relocation report rather than a mortgage loan report.
Divorce Appraisals
The need for accuracy in Divorce or Estate Appraisals is essential. The appraisal report needs to be well supported and the appraiser should be accustomed to testifying in court and undergoing cross examination and scrutiny.
Consulting Services
Destination Services; Home Finding Assistance; Buyers Agent; Design Consulting; Product Mix; Market Surveys; etc …